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Thread: Keeper Conundrum - Several Options, Help!

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    Default Keeper Conundrum - Several Options, Help!

    Please help, perhaps I am over thinking. Keeper league counting W, Save % and Gaa for goalies. I can only keep one. Salary determines round held, 22 round 12 team draft. The idea for me is to hold value, keeper players far from where they would be drafted if they were not a hold. These are my options.

    F. Andersen - Round 8 Hold, would not keep for more than a year
    Jarry - Round 14 Hold, Penquins fan who does not trust the Penguins as the window closes and stars are banged up, could hold for 3-4 years if warranted
    Hart - Round 14 Hold, my current hold, Pens fan who doesn't love having to root for Hart, betting last year was a fluke, could hold for 3-4 years if warranted
    Gibson - Round 18 Hold, always a favorite, team in front of him is weak, could hold for 5 years if warranted
    Knight - Round 20 Hold, could hold for 6 years if warranted. I see Knight as a potential top 3 in the future playing in front of that team. Bob's salary will make anything more than 50/50 starts difficult.

    My personal gut wants Knight, Hart, Jarry, Andersen, Gibson in that order.....taking risk for the most potential.
    [size=1]13 Team Keeper - Hold 10 (1 G max)
    Scoring Cats (Equally Weighted): G,A,+/-,PIM,Hits,Blks,W,GAA,SV%,OTL
    Start 9F,5D,2G
    F: Schenn,Forsberg,M.Tkachuk,B.Tkachuk,Trocheck,Nylan der,Ehlers,Rakell,Mantha
    D: Hedman,Trouba,Provorov,Jones,Sergachev,Heiskanen
    G: Gibson,Murray

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    Default Re: Keeper Conundrum - Several Options, Help!

    I always try to think/guess where the players would go if they are returned to the draft.

    Some Dobberites did a mock draft. - It ended up only being 11 teams as manager number 12 went MIA.

    Here is where those goalies went:

    Freddy Andersen - Round 8 Pick 81
    Carter Hart - Round 8 Pick 86
    Tristan Jarry - Round 7 Pick 70
    Spencer Knight - Round 12 Pick 130
    John Gibson - Round 21 Pick 225

    This is only for a one year mock - so it is only looking forward for 1 year, so not the perfect example.

    So there is definitely value in holding Knight, Jarry or Hart. The other two you theoretically could draft around or after their hold value. And definitely would not have to draft them too many round above their hold value.

    If you are a believer in Knight, I think it is worth holding him... and then trying to get Jarry or Hart or Andersen around that 6-7-8 round.

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    Default Re: Keeper Conundrum - Several Options, Help!

    I think Carter Hart turns it around this year.
    PHI did him a favour and completely overhauled half their D, every pairing.
    He also had to play against an all-Metro division last year... which was awful for stats.

    I think PHI will be a very good team... and I'd go with him.
    He's the only goalie of the group that I think, could, start 60gp.

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