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    Default Forum Infraction Policy

    After seven years of no infractions, we implemented an infraction policy. After testing it out for a few weeks, it's time to expand on it and clarify.

    Key things to remember:

    1. Moderators do a tough job and they field at least several insults every day. Some you see publicly, some are sent privately. But can you imagine getting called a "douche" or "lame" or "idiot" over and over and over again...and then after reading that day in and day out, you walk away from the computer and try to play with your kids and keep the negativity out of your mood? Respect, please. They are people too. And they make mistakes. Getting your post deleted means nothing, so relax. And getting an infraction means nothing too - as long you don't get anymore. If you get one that you feel you didn't deserve, don't sweat it. Obviously you're a great member and the infraction will go away.

    2. I didn't want an infraction policy. This is in place because the trolling and bickering was increasing.

    3. If you stick to talking about fantasy sports or the topic at hand, you will enjoy this community

    4. It's only an internet discussion. It's okay if someone disagrees with you, no matter how illogical you find it.

    5. There is an 'ignore' button. Use it. Go to the user's profile who you want to ignore, and there is an option there to ignore that user.

    Infraction Policy

    1. If you receive three (3) infractions within a 10-day span, you will be banned for 10 days. This is a change from four (4) infractions. Ban is implemented automatically by the system.
    2. If you receive three (3) infractions within a 10-day span for the second time, you will be banned for 30 days.
    3. If you return and still, once again, receive three (3) infractions within a 10-day span your username and IP will be banned for life.
    4. An infraction disappears from your record after 10 days.
    Maybe this is too tough, but I have to say - some of the more difficult things in my life right now is trying to handle arguments from three or four members who cross the line. One of those members has since left and I have to tell you - the stress level is down a little because of it. I get the feeling that if three of four overly-argumentative and insulting members are banned, the 3000 really nice and friendly members who contribute each month will be happier for it.


    1. Spammed advertisements
    Linking to sites is fine. Not as your first post. And it must be relevant to this forum.

    2. Insulting another member
    We obviously need to draw a line here somewhere.
    "You're a ****" - not okay
    "Don't be a ****" - not okay
    "Typical stupidity of so-and-so" - not okay
    "You're ignorant" - not okay
    "That statement is ignorant" - this is okay
    "That's stupid" - this is allowed (just very rude), as it doesn't insult the member, only what the member said

    Nice, pleasant people don't need these guidelines explained.

    3. Signature/Avatar violation
    a) No nudity
    b) No swearing/language (see 4 below)
    c) No hate

    4. Inappropriate language
    f-word, c-word, n-word...I hope I don't need to outline every one.

    5. Abuse of moderator/site
    Publicly calling out a moderator for perceived abuse of power belittles the forum and the community as a whole. Chances are you are wrong anyway, but in the event you are in the right and the moderator made a mistake, it's best to walk away and take a deep breath. They don't have to do this. They do this because they want to help what is a great community here. It's a quick way to get fantasy hockey, fantasy baseball or fantasy football help. The mods weed out the spam, approve new users, keep threads on topic and break up disputes. Often, both sides of the dispute will yell at them, which means they're doing something right if neither side is happy. I know this first hand - I gave one person an infraction and deleted three of his posts and I gave the person he was fighting with two infractions and deleted five posts...but the first guy thought I was picking on him and wondered why I didn't do anything to the second guy! Infractions are not made public, nor are deletions. If you are arguing with someone and you get an infraction, chances are the other person did as well - it's not like you'll get a notification about it.
    Here are things that will give an infraction:
    a) Starting a thread about a moderator or moderator abuse
    b) Insulting or swearing at a mod publicly or via PM
    c) Stating that a moderator is a joke
    d) Stating that the site is a joke - this one is to protect my business. Be critical, not insulting.

    If you disagree with something the moderators did, fine, disagree and let us know, but do it politely through PM or email ONLY. Complaining on the forums to stir up drama is not permitted. If your thread or post was moved/closed/removed there was a good reason for it. Do not start a new one. Attacking or flaming a moderator via PM is subject to a Moderator Abuse infraction. Be respectful and considerate.

    Undefined: Obviously we can't anticipate every situation. For that reason, reserves the right to remove any user at any time for any reason. If we think you're trying to manipulate the system, you'll be removed. Follow the golden rule and treat others the way you would want to be treated yourself and you won't have any problems. You can't write a rule for everything so moderator discretion can be used for items not directly written in the rules, and moderators have final decision. Do not plead the first amendment and cite your right to free speech. This is not a democracy. This is a privately owned website. Dancing around the rules, purposely skirting them just to see us twitch will not help you out either. Arguing with a ref or an umpire for a 'gray area' call never gets the call reversed in sports. This is the reason we have "three" infractions before a ban instead of one - in case of a mistake in the call.


    We don't just need to give out an infraction, we can delete a post. If you have a post deleted and don't receive an infraction, take it like a warning. If your post is off-topic we reserve the right to remove it and state "irrelevent to thread" in the notice. Generally speaking, we will only do this if things start to get heated, or if someone is "trolling" or perceived to be "trolling".

    99% of you can pretty much ignore this list of rules because you'll never run into an issue. If you're in that 1%, there are lots of other forums out there. Maybe you should just use this one for when you have a fantasy hockey question you quickly want answered.

    Thank you for your understanding and I look forward to enjoying this great community for years to come.
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