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Thread: Team Assessment in a Cap league

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    Default Team Assessment in a Cap league

    I'm looking for your advice on the situation of my team. It's a 20 team dynasty Cap league (81.5m & AAV's) counting points only for 8F 4D 1G. Goalie have 2 points for win, 2 for Shutout and 1 for OT loss.

    I finished 4th last year with a mixture of young talent and veteran players. I think I have a solid roster but it's getting old and expensive. I'm debating what to do. Here's my current roster:

    F: J. Eichel, A. Ovechkin, P. Bergeron, M. Stone, A. Radulov, C. Atkinson, T. Konecny, E. Staal, R. Getlaf, Nikita Gusev
    D: B. Burns, E. Karlsson, M. Heiskanen, B. Montour, E. Brannstron, R. Merkley
    G: C. Hellebuyck

    As far as draft picks I have 31st, 37th, 38th, 57th, 77th overall this year and I have all my picks next year plus a 1st from the second to last place team this year. Hopefully a lottery pick.

    Should I start a solid retool, letting go of my expensive veterans ?

    I have an offer on the table for Burns:

    I get Mcavoy (5o% discount this year) + two of the following prospects : Nick Suzuki, Jason Robertson, Joel Farabee, C. Timmins, G. Denisenko, Dillon Dube.

    Burns is 34 and still productive but is now the time to cut bait and get my chips back ?

    I'm looking for your feedback and ideas.

    Thanks in advance.
    Dynasty 20 Teams Salary Cap League. Points only. 8F/4D/1G Pts carry over in trades
    F:J. Guentzel/J. Schwartz/M.Scheifele/P.Bergeron/S. Couturier/J.Vrana/T.Konecny/O.Bjorkstrand/A.Killorn/N.Gusev/V.Podkolzin/A.Kaliyev/J.Robertson/N.Robertson/J.Studnicka/L.Elvenes
    E.Karlsson/T.Krug/S.Theodore/D. Hamilton
    G:C.HelleBuyck (Win=2Pts SO=2pts OTL=1pt)

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    Default Re: Team Assessment in a Cap league

    I like Burns, and your defence is a little shallower with him. I would look to get a little younger, but slowly. Trading a 65 point Getlaf for a 55point guy making 4-5M would be a good start. Someone on TBay like Gourde or Johnson may get you started.

    Ovie is the other one I would shop, as his name value is higher than his actual value in points only situations.

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    When you have a good team like this you want to go for the win, not blow it up, so don't go crazy trying to get younger and end up significantly worse.
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    Default Re: Team Assessment in a Cap league

    agree with EB.. having an older team doesn't mean it needs to be blown up all at once. I'd target moving the riskiest players holding significant value first.

    Also agree it's Burns & Ovie - due to age, but also name factor & potential return. Moving Burns for the package you mentioned isn't bad. I'd take Suzuki & Robertson of the options.

    Getz is one player I would hold onto over the summer. his value hasn't been this low since he put up 57pts in 11/12 - I believe that's the year he had his first child (I digress)

    For me he's someone to shop in-season when he gets rolling. Soon as he rocks a 4-5 game pt streak - I publicly place him on the trade block and shop the hell out of him.

    For an older core, the good news is, they're all still productive. You can be selective on when you move who and for what over the next 24mths
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    Default Re: Team Assessment in a Cap league

    You c an definitely afford to let the first bit of the season play out before you shop your guys. Getz won’t likely get you much right now. Maybe ovi can if you find the right partner.

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