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    Team 1 in Sig; up 11-4-0 overall in match thru Sunday, current goalie stats:

    Me: 3 W, 226 SV, 2.352 GAA, .930 SV%
    Opponent: 2 W, 216 SV, 3.505 GAA, .8852 SV%, 1SO

    My potential starts tonight:

    • Talbot @ Canes
    • Mrazek @ Detroit
    • Hellebuyck vs. LA

    If you're me are you 1) really conservative sit all three ride locked stats; 2) be sort of conservative start one and if so who or 3) play the aggressive angle, play 2, Helly being one must start, trying to bury the categories and lock up the match?
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    D: Hedman, Josi, Ristolainen Leddy, Barrie, Edler
    G: Murray, Jones


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    Default Re: Tonight

    Well Comrie is confirmed for the Jets so makes that easier for you.

    I would go Mrazek and Talbot. Still a lot of week left to go and those are 2 pretty good matchups.

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    Default Re: Tonight

    Its too early to be conservative in the week... He has a guy have a 4 points night with 6 shots on goal and where are you after that? And if you sit all your goalies.. then you lose two goalie stats in wins and saves..

    Therefore I start

    Mrazek for sure... against his old team..I think he has a big game!

    Talbot I am also comfortable in starting against the Canes.

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