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Thread: Duchene/Ericsson/Fowler or Galchenyuk/Voracek/Schultz

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    Default Duchene/Ericsson/Fowler or Galchenyuk/Voracek/Schultz

    Pts only. Stats in my sig. Wich side?
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    Default Re: Duchene/Ericsson/Fowler or Galchenyuk/Voracek/Schultz

    That's a tough one......My immediate reaction was to pick the Duchene side, he is the best player in the deal, young and has more upside then Chucky. However I prefer Voracek to Ericsson.

    I think the Fowler - Schultz swap may be the key to this deal. I like Fowler but if Schultz actually does something next year with all that PP time he gets and the Oilers turn things around he would be very valuable in your scoring setup with the Dman bonus. Then again, Fowler is the future of Ducks and although he won't post gaudy offensive numbers he should be a steady 40-45 point guy.

    I'd take the Duchene get the best player and a young dmen who will be a central piece on one the best teams in the league.

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    Default Re: Duchene/Ericsson/Fowler or Galchenyuk/Voracek/Schultz

    i'd take the duchene side. he's got the best chance of being a superstar, if he isn't already. i don't think galchenyuk is gonna be close enough to duchene to warrant such a swap. fowler for schultz is also a big upgrade. fowler seems to finally have put it together, and i'd expect a really big year next season. not so sure schultz pans out like everyone thought he would a couple of years ago. tough to give up voracek, but duchene and fowler are too good, and eriksson could rebound at some point.

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    Default Re: Duchene/Ericsson/Fowler or Galchenyuk/Voracek/Schultz

    In 3 to 4 years it may not make much difference if these players pan out as expected. That being said, I would take the Duchene side as the players are more established and more likely to produce compared to the Galchenyuk side. The extra risk you would assume by taking the Galchenyuk side likely doesn't put you further ahead. At this stage, Duchene is the best player available and is likely the best player 3 to 4 years from now as well.

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    Default Re: Duchene/Ericsson/Fowler or Galchenyuk/Voracek/Schultz

    Agree with the above. Duchene is the best player in the deal and the others are comparable; therefore, take the best player.

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    Default Re: Duchene/Ericsson/Fowler or Galchenyuk/Voracek/Schultz

    The risk is not worth the reward. Duchene is already a top 20 foward, by the time Chucky and crew reach there potential you might have already replaced that talent with likewise players with similar upside, well keeping a top 20 guy
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