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Thread: Pavelec for Noesen + Faksa

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    Default Pavelec for Noesen + Faksa

    Hey. Looking for opinions. Some background: the league is 24 teams, with 20 to 23 roster players (4Cs, 7-8 Ws, 6-7Ds, 2G max, 0-3 bench). Don't ask me about the weird set up. Pro and Minor league team up to 60 spots - I have 45 contracts on the books, so lots of space. It's also a cap league, and I'm only $500k under a $70 million cap. The team placed in 10th last year, and was knocked out of the playoffs in the 2nd round. Max of 110 GP for goalies in a season.

    I'm wondering if it's time to bail on Pavelec ($3.9 million x 3 years). My main starter is Carey Price, and I have Budaj and Martin Jones as back ups.

    A team that has only 1G (Lundqvist) is looking for some insurance, and has offered me two prospects: Noesen and Faksa. (I can also replace either player for the 23rd pick in the 2014 entry draft. I tried to make it the 15th pick, but no dice there).

    A few other teams have inquired about my goalies, but most are targeting Jones and Budaj.

    Is it time to give up on Pavelec, or should a starting goalie (even one like Pavelec) be worth more than two ok prospects?

    Thanks for your time.

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    Default Re: Pavelec for Noesen + Faksa

    In short, I'd pass and keep Pavelec unless a better offer arises.

    Long answer...

    As much as I don't believe in Pavelec, seems to me it makes more sense for a league with this setup to hold onto him "just in case" he develops any consistency which would greatly enhance his trade value. Then/if that happens shop him and you'll likely get better return then two prospects who are projecting as third line players at best currently. Granted, Noesen missed an entire year due to an injury but...he's not going to be put on a scoring line in Anaheim anytime soon. And everything I've researched on Faksa says he didn't have that great of a year in the OHL. He'll be starting in the AHL next season but with all the young guns in Dallas lineup and other more offensive prospects coming up through the ranks, I just don't see Faksa having much value best I think you're looking at the next Brandon Sutter with him.

    Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Pavelec for Noesen + Faksa

    I'd keep Pavelec as well. In a 24 team league, that insurance and peace of mind still goes a long way. Not to mention he has a very reasonable salary contract to boot.
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    Default Re: Pavelec for Noesen + Faksa

    Don't trade your second starting goalie in such a deep league, even if he is the worst. Which he probably is. Faksa is garbage for fantasy, and I'm not big on Noesen either.
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    Default Re: Pavelec for Noesen + Faksa

    Pavelec may be the worst starter in the league, and I am a Wpg fan, still wouldn't trade him for those guys. I think Jets go with him one more year, as Maurice said he is their #1 goalie. Deep league - you need 2 starters. At one time he was a top prospect and he has had flashes of brilliance.
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    Default Re: Pavelec for Noesen + Faksa

    The community has spoken; thanks for the feedback. I left rep where I could.

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