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Thread: Studs & Duds - Thursday 2/14

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    Default Studs & Duds - Thursday 2/14


    Hageliní his way into top 6 minutes
    Haglein is having a nice season and had a solid night with 2 points, 7 shots, and nearly 22 minutes of ice time. If he can break in and get consistent ice time, she should contribute nicely in fantasy categories.

    The Price is right
    For a team that wasnít expected to do much, Montreal is having a nice season being backstopped by a great goalie coming into his own. A 26 save shutout last night gives Price a .922 save percentage for the season. Fantasy owners should be thrilled with his production.

    New Top LWer?
    Parise had a relatively quiet night with 1 goal, 9 shots and 22 minutes of ice time. Heís definitely getting back into form and with OVís (apparent) decline and Sedinís age, he may be in line to be crowned the gameís best LWer for fantasy purposes.


    Underachieving RWers
    Okposo and Setoguchi have been given some serious opportunity to succeed. In both they have failed to live up to expectations. The only option now is to completely lower those expectations and cut bait. If you can get a reasonable return on these guys, let them be someone elseís headache.

    Getting Step-ed on?
    Brad Richards only had about 16 minutes of ice time last night. Meanwhile, Stepan had over 21 minutes. Richards is out producing Stapan so far this season, but if this ice time continues, we should expect their production to be very close or even edge in Stepanís favor.
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