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Thread: what to do with reimer

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    Default what to do with reimer

    i'm starting to get a little scared of reimer's status in toronto. i'm thinking of dropping him for another goalie, any comments or rankings of my available choices: all columbus goalies, theodore, lindback, or scrivens? or should i just hold him and wait and see. i have quick, dubnyk, elliot, reimer. i wanted 4 goalies b/c of the shortened season and its easier to find a forward or defensemen on waiver than a goalie. thanks for the help.

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    Scoop up Lindback.
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    I'd rather have Lindback for sure.
    But, Scrivens still has some work to do before he's the clearcut #1. That Montreal game, although a win, was one of the easiest wins I've seen a Toronto goalie get in the last 4 or 5 years. Habs had maybe 2 or 3 quality scoring chances the entire game, and one of them went in.

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    Lindback for shizzle.

    I've got the same situation as you, but have held off dropping Reimer for Scrivens, because it's so early. Who knows how it plays out...

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    how the hell did you end up with reimer with lindback and bob still out there anyway

    swap reimer for lindback

    i would also keep a close eye on elliott and bob

    if st louis goes with the play the hot goalie philosophy the season could end before elliott gets start

    as for bob he is a much better goaltender than people realize and for all of the blue jackets short comings their defense is actually better than that of the flyers imo so i think his numbers may surprise
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    Yeah I would have drafted Lindback before Reimer even before the whole Scrivens thing. So yeah I'd pick him up.

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