This league is a *FREE* 12-team H2H dynasty league with standard categories and 15-man MILB rosters, so scouting will play a very important role in your future success! The league has been around since 2003 and is a great group of people. This league is unique as there is a transaction limit for each team of 24, so you really have to think about the moves you're making. This team was just awarded Gavin Lux in the MILB draft and will have the first pick of the next 3 rounds as well so you'll have a great opportunity to get your MILB roster improved. Currently, this team has no notable prospects other than Lux (mainly because the previous owner did not get the scouting part down very well), but I've seen other GM's turn the same situation into potential powerhouses just through good drafting. This team has some good pieces at the MLB level and the waiver wire should also have some good players that could make this team competitive right out of the gate.

Link to team:

Please message me with any questions or interest. We're looking to get someone on board soon so we can keep the offline draft moving along.