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Thread: Need to drop one?

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    Default Need to drop one?

    As far as upside who do you like the least?

    Elvis Elvenes
    Alex Barre-boulet
    Matthew Philips

    All three are doing really well in AHL. Any info you guys have on these guys would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Default Re: Need to drop one?

    I assume you mean Lucas Elvenes - definitely do not drop him. It's between the other 2, and I prefer ABB so I would drop Phillips.

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    Default Re: Need to drop one?

    I think Barre-Boulet will have the hardest time making an impact in the league simply because there's others in front of him who will get called up before he does (Volkov, Stephens, Verhaeghe). He's just in a tougher spot for me. Hard not to like all three of these kids upside to be honest. He's probably my drop from these three only because of the reason given.

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    Default Re: Need to drop one?

    Thanks guys much appreciated! What do you think their upside is?

    There is Hoglander available in my league and i am worried he is going to get snatched up with the world juniors.

    You agree that Gurianov is above these three right?

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    Default Re: Need to drop one?

    Yes Gurianov is having a nice rookie year and they are shallow on the wings. Hoglander probably is like 2-3 years away at least. Do not drop Gurianov. try to trade him before that but he's definitely someone you want to hold over riskier longer shots.
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