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Thread: Semi Choices (QB/TE/DST)

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    Default Semi Choices (QB/TE/DST)

    One down, two to go. In the semis this week, and always appreciate some advice. I feel pretty good about my decisions at RB and WR so I just need help on the outside positions. PPR.

    QB: Carson Wentz @WSH, Baker Mayfield @ARI - (Waivers includes Manning, Minshew, Carr, Trubisky, Goff and a few others). - I claimed Mayfield already because of the matchup. Wentz salvaged last week late, but he could have very easily put up 3 points. Getting wary of his lack of weapons. Is Mayfield the play here?

    TE: Austin Hooper @SF, Tyler Higbee @DAL, David Njoku @ARI - (Goedert is available on waivers Friday). Hooper is highest ranked, but has a horrid matchup and didn't do much in his return last week. If Everett is out, Higbee has played well. Specifically grabbed Njoku for this matchup because Arizona is usually an auto three-bills for the TE, but Njoku is anything but safe. Leaning Hooper just based on resume, but I don't love it.

    D/ST - Browns @ARI, Chiefs vs. DEN - (Waivers includes TB (@DET), TEN (vs HOU), PHI (@WSH), NYG (vs MIA) etc). - Arizona has allowed a ton of points to defenses lately, so I'm leaning Cleveland, but there's obviously some bust potential there. Chiefs have played well lately, but Denver seems to be rolling offensively.

    What's everyone think? Appreciate the help and will rep anyone I can. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Semi Choices (QB/TE/DST)

    > I’d go either Wentz or Goff, can’t trust Baker as he can easily give you a single digit

    > Higbee if you want to be safe - Hooper if you want to roll the dice. Higbee is getting targeted just as much as Woods and more than Cupp in the previous weeks. He’ll get volume his way. Hooper is a tough call because of the matchup but has been outstanding this year. Come playoff time, you generally want to simplify things by playing the guys that got you there and Hooper is one of those guys.

    I think SanFran ranks strong against opposing TE’s just because they haven’t faced many teams that have had top end TE’s so neutralizing most teams has been easy. They’ve only really went up against 3 notable TE’s this season according to my evaluation: Cook this past week, Andrews the week prior, and Hollister mid season when Russ had to rely on him and he was producing/being targeted like a true #1. Cook went for 2/64/2, Andrews 3/50/1 & Hollister 8/62/1. So considering Hooper is better than those guys, there is optimism as they did find success themselves. Ridley is out so does that mean more targets going Hooper’s way or easier for SanFran to focus on Hooper? That’s a question you’ll have to ask yourself and ultimately will decide who you’ll play. I do however see the Falcons playing from behind and that does mean more passes. And even on the off chance they get a lead or what not, it won’t be from the ground game because the 49er’s run defense is better than their pass defense + Freeman has been a slouch all season long.

    > Just go with your gut. FWIW I personally dropped PHI for KC in my league as the Eagles have disappointed in the past couple matchups that were very favourable heading into it.
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    Default Re: Semi Choices (QB/TE/DST)

    Baker and Cleveland one last time.

    If Everett is out I would go Higbee. If not then Hooper.

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    Default Re: Semi Choices (QB/TE/DST)

    Thanks guys. I went Mayfield/CLE D vs the Fins a few weeks ago and it worked out decently. I'm reading stuff about how it may be worth using caution though, as they may not be super motivated to go across country. Do I hedge the bet, and go Mayfield and a different defense, anticipating some points? I've got access to the Browns, Chiefs, Bucs and Eagles, and I swear every site has them ranked so differently. Feels like the Eagles are consistently the highest, but they haven't performed against weak competition.

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