We're looking for a dedicated GM to takeover an existing team. Our 12 team Dynasty League has a dedicated group of GM's and has been going strong for the past 4 years. League is paid up for this year but yearly fee is $8.

The league format is a Unique H2H format with your team vs all 11 teams each week. You can go 11-0 or 0-11, but hopefully something in between each week.

You'd be taking over the Boston Bruins team which currently sits in 11th Place. It's a team with some aging players and some good young guns.

Brayden Point, Kuznetzov, Benn, Marchessault, Guentzel, Wheeler, Dumba, Hedman, Getzlaf, Larking, Kessel, Letang, Farabee, Gusev, MAF, DiPietro


Scoring formula F/D
fwd/def g +30 fwd/def a +25 fwd/def +/- 10 fwd/def gp +1 fwd/def ppg +10 fwd/def shg +20 fwd/def sta +5 fwd/def pim +3 fwd/def tak +2 fwd giv -1 *def giv 0 fwd/def hits +1 fwd/def blocks +1 fwd/def fow +.10 fwd/def fol -.10 fwd/def sog +2 fwd/d otg +5 **def toi .10 *dmen do not receive -1 for giveaways , only forwards do**dmen receive total icetime x .10

Scoring formula Goalies
goalie wins +50 goalie shutout +50 goalie overtime loss +20goalie shootout loss +25 goalie assist +25 goalie goal +30 goalie saves +2 goalie pim +3 goalie ga -15 goalie gp +1

starters = 12 fwd , 6 defense , 2 goalies

*reserves = 10 (mixture of depth skaters/goalies)

prospects/farm = 20

for a total of 50 players

5 round draft in the off-season - team does not have a 1st round pick in 2020

If interested send me a message.