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Thread: Goalie Blockbuster

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    Default Goalie Blockbuster

    I know I've been posting a lot. I appreciate all the insight and feedback and getting around to sending rep out. For all the main people responding- I probably need to spread it around more before I can send more to some of you.

    This is by far my craziest trade offer and I'm actually going to write something up about it. Basically five examples of where I went against the grain (sometimes way against it- lol!) and what my logic was.

    MAF Johnson Sturm
    Schneider Hoffman Kahun

    I originally had a 3rd coming my way and a 7th going back but he responded that Kahun and the third out it outside of consideration for him so this was my final rebuttal. Basically I could drop the third (my guy just went anyways) but not Kahun. I'll post my response later.
    14 team cap league (30 mil above nhl)
    Daily Changes- 3c 3rw 3lw 3 forward flex 5d 2g 8bn ir+
    Weekly hth - g a p ppp shp pim sog +/- gwg - w sv% so gaa saves
    27 man farm team - no cap - junior team can hold prospects to up till 3 years
    C Ziba TJ Kadri
    Rw Tarasenko Gallagher Pacioretty
    Lw Hall Forsberg Evander
    Flex Perron, Kreider, Troy Terry
    D Karlsson Krug Hamilton Ghost Gustaafson
    G Andersen Flurry
    BN Hinnestroza Jarnkrok Lehkonen Valiardi Maroon Djoos Quick Mrazek
    Notable prospects and farm- Vanek B3mmstrom Mierzlikins Kovalchuk
    Cap 109 out of 109

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    Default Re: Goalie Blockbuster

    IDK if Hoffman/Kahun are large enough upgrades over Johnson/Sturm to give up MAF.
    i'd hold or ask for a big bump on Kahun
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    Default Re: Goalie Blockbuster

    Johnsson as in Andreas Johnsson? I don’t see a Johnson in your signature. Regardless, you are set in net with Andersen and Fleury, I wouldn’t change that.

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    Default Re: Goalie Blockbuster

    Quote Originally Posted by lucafen4 View Post
    IDK if Hoffman/Kahun are large enough upgrades over Johnson/Sturm to give up MAF.
    i'd hold or ask for a big bump on Kahun
    +1. Seems like you'd be taking on more cap to get less output from your players. While I don't play in cap leagues anymore, I'm pretty sure this is the wrong approach lol

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