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    I know we have a Dobber draft tonight...but anyone else want to share thoughts on picking 10th in a 10th team 0.5 PPR league? 2 WR 2 RB 1 TE and 2 Flex

    Lovvvvvve the idea of getting Kelce in Round 2....if I were 6th or 7th. Drafting him 11th before someone like Thomas, Beckham or JuJu is a lot for me.

    What I think my options will be....

    1. Chubb or Conner falls
    2. I just go 2 WR like Julio and Beckham and hope for the best RB on the way back.
    3. I pass on 2 WR and go WR + Kelce....then I don't have to worry about TE all year and can draft a QB late.

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    Default Re: Drafting 10th

    I think you go Kelce and rb. The te drop off is much more significant than wr

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