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Thread: Fantasy Hockey Geek Newbie

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    Default Fantasy Hockey Geek Newbie

    I was hoping someone could help me understand how to fully use FHG. Currently I've linked into my Yahoo league and have a list of players using "The current seasons statistics". I'm assuming this means the 2018/19 season? It's a points only league and the stats I get along the top of my list are:

    Rank Player Team NHL Team Pos Salary FHG Value GP P Fantasy Points $/FHG Val

    My questions:

    I'm not really sure what I've paid for as all this does is list players based on points totals.

    The rankings here are different to Dobbers top 300 skaters rankings - probably because it's ranking based on point totals and not Dobbers rankings?

    What does FHG Value mean - it's the exact same number as Points?

    I thought I was able to access some sort of draft guru that I could use in real time during the draft; however, when I click on the draft guru tab it just tells me to purchase it and explains what it is.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Fantasy Hockey Geek Newbie

    2018-19 CHAMP
    12 Team H2H Keeper
    4C~4LW~4RW~6D~2G~4 Reserves
    8 Keepers~10 minors
    Minors = Skaters <82 GP & Goalies <50 GP
    Categories: G~A~P~PPP~SOG~FOW~+/-~Hits~Blk~W~Svs~S%~GAA

    C - Barkov~Zibanejad
    C/LW - Hertl, Benn
    RW - P. Kane~Wheeler
    LW - Ovechkin~E. Kane~Forsberg
    LW/RW - A. Svechnikov
    D - Burns~Carlson~Josi~Hamilton~Krug~Pulock
    G- Hellebuyck~Lehner

    Skaters: Comtois~Necas~Kaprizov~Gusev~Tolvanen~Makar~Boucha rd
    Goalies: Samsonov~Sorokin~Merzlikins

    16 Round Draft
    2019 - 1,1,1,1,1,1,2,2,2,2,2,2,3,3,3,13
    I have the first 4 picks in the draft (Hughes~Kakko~Svechnikov~Benn) well as the 6th and 9th.

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    Default Re: Fantasy Hockey Geek Newbie

    So after spending over an hour trying to figure this damn thing out the only conclusion I can come to is that the site isn't recognizing me as having purchased the Fantasy Hockey Geek Toolkit as it's telling me to purchase or renew my subscription and that I'm a "free" user. I've logged in and out and no fix.

    The PDF states

    Your account has automatically been activated! If you had already registered on Fantasy Hockey Geek, your
    account permissions have been updated to reflect your purchase
    . If you haven’t previously registered, your
    account has been configured with the same email address you use on the Dobber Sports store. Your temporary
    password is the order ID for the purchase.

    I don't think they have. Can anyone help me with this my draft is coming up very soon.


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    Default Re: Fantasy Hockey Geek Newbie

    My suggestion is to contact fantasyhockeygeek (member of this site) directly. Send him a PM or the 'Support' form on the site itself.

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    Default Re: Fantasy Hockey Geek Newbie

    Use the support form on the site -- it indeed sounds like an access issue and should be very quick to resolve.

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