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Well 2 things there.

Firstly, if Maroon was such a good winger for McDavid I’d assume Edmonton would try a little harder to bring him back. Considering he’s been basically free for two summers straight, I’d imagine they aren’t trying too hard to bring him back.

Secondly, that description is basically the dictionary definition of Lucic’s game. So maybe it’s more than that.
Except for the whole "cashing the numerous opportunities that are going to come available part". Lucic and his stone hands, went from cashing in on roughly 15% of his career shots, to half that over the past two seasons and it's why he is now nothing more than a fourth liner. We saw Neal's shooting percentage similarly fall so you won't hear me guaranteeing success for him.

I just don't buy that a guy has to have speed like McDavid to have success with him. Not every chance is going to be a rush chance and you'd just rather have McDavid be the puck carrier so speed is a little redundant with him. It doesn't have to be a big lumbering type alongside him. But we know McDavid's going to get you into the O zone and create elite volume of chances once there. The best fit is going to be someone who can help keep the puck in the O zone, find the soft spots when McDavid draws two, and cash at a high rate on the Grade A chances given.