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Thread: Prospect Draft. Trading Picks advice

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    Default Prospect Draft. Trading Picks advice

    Hi guys,

    I joined a 15year old Salary Dynasty league last fall. 12 Owners, points only, 2 Goalie, 6 D, 12 F, 4 Bench and then a Minors system where players can stay down for 3 years after being drafted.

    The bottom 8 finishers every year enter into the prospect draft lottery for the #1 overall pick (Hughes/Kakko this year). Every owner starts the year with a 1st (#1-12), 2nd (#13-24) and a 3rd (#25-36).

    Through the prospects draft and trades over last season, my minors system is as follows:

    Alex Nylander
    Jonny Tychonik
    Noah Dobson
    KíAndre Miller
    Rasmus Sandin
    Gregori Denisenko
    Jesse Ylonen
    2019-20 1st rd pick (lottery #1-8)
    2019-20 3rd rd pick (#25-36)

    Iíve been offered a trade for my 1st lottery pick and was wondering if itís worth it.

    My 1st (lottery #1-8)


    Picks # 18,19,22,28,31,33,34,35

    As a new owner and in a rebuild what is more valuable... My first or all the picks mentioned above.


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    Default Re: Prospect Draft. Trading Picks advice

    Welcome to the forums!

    Without a doubt I would want the lotto pick. Even if it ends up being pick 8. Much better player than you will get at 18/19. And you want quality over quantity.
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    Default Re: Prospect Draft. Trading Picks advice

    Keep the lottery pick and cross your fingers
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    Default Re: Prospect Draft. Trading Picks advice

    It's tempting to try to do all of your rebuilding in one year, but for the best Dynasty results, your better bet is to add crown jewels where you can and supplement through vigilance throughout the rest of the year. Trading high picks for a spread of lessers leads to a team of 18 Fialas and Zuccarellos. You're not going to have the difference-makers and you'll lose out to the teams who managed to obtain McDavids and MacKinnons.

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    Default Re: Prospect Draft. Trading Picks advice

    Keep the lottery pick.

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    Default Re: Prospect Draft. Trading Picks advice

    You'll be lucky to get one player out of those picks, especially if you can only keep them for three years. The other owners are testing the new guy - keep the lottery pick.

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    Default Re: Prospect Draft. Trading Picks advice

    Keep the lotto pick.

    I actual did some research on this kind of situation a while back as I was offered a lotto pick for 5 picks ranging from 12-30ish. So in short, I went to Hockeydb and looked at the chances of hitting on a pick in the 12-30 range and also the quality of player you would get IF you hit. I recall being underwhelmed. Compound with that the fact that you only start X number of players each week and you're best off with the more potent player in the top 8. (I guess this is where the quality over quantity argument gets proven.)

    FWIW, in my situation, I took the deal giving up 5 lesser picks for the one lotto pick. I ended up getting Cale Makar with the lotto pick and lost out on Necas, Thomas and 3 three other players who haven't shown anything yet. So maybe I didn't win that one...

    But it sounds like you wouldn't be getting anything above 18th overall, so definitely not.
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