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Thread: Hintz, Poehling vs 2019 draft

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    Default Hintz, Poehling vs 2019 draft

    Some a dilemma here. Both slipped through the cracks in previous draft(s) in my league, 12 teams H2H, cats,

    Will be drafting at #7,#14, #21

    It's given that Hughes/Kakko will go at #1/2 in any order and then probably Turcotte, Caufield and Byram. So wonder where would you guys place Hintz/Poehling among the rest of projected top 10. I am not the one who will split hair on who's better now or will be from Zegras, Dach, Krebs and Cozens. To me they're all roughly in a same tier.

    Both guys in question prob won't last till it gets back to me in a 2d round (at #14). But Hintz is a curious case since he's already more than half through his rookie status (82 games threshold). But it doesn't really bother me as long as he's producing.

    So do I go for on of those two sure-ish guys or take my chances with projected high ends of 2019 eligible? What say you?


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    Default Re: Hintz, Poehling vs 2019 draft

    For me Hintz and Poehling don't belong in th top 12. After that I would draft a prospect with more upside in the top 20 then Hintz. I think drafting Hintz or Poehling in the top 12 would be a bad pick.

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    Default Re: Hintz, Poehling vs 2019 draft

    I believe that both Hintz and Poehling are very good two-way C prospects. This draft class does have a few of those as well. Hintz has LW eligibility in my league and he proved to be a stalwart multi-cat contributor last spring as he was securing the No. 2 C job for himself in Dallas. He will be contributing right away and would be looking to select him right after the top 14-15 guys. Poehling could be huge if the Habs dont bring in a hired gun at C. He should be in the Habs' top 6 to start and there is good near-term potential for solid peripherals here too. I probably take Poehling not long after Hintz.

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