Need to jump in here for my boy Gibson. Hart is the blue chip goalie as he's rode a couple years of hype then came in strong as a young guy. Definitely looks like a stud in the making.

But if the question is Gibson or Hart, it's hard for me to go with the 'maybe' guy. Gibson was individually the best goalie in all of hockey last year as measured by goals saved above average. Frankly it's his team dragging him down; Anaheim was putrid last year and he saved them from a lot of embarrassment. I wouldn't expect them to be cup contenders anytime soon, but with Randy gone, Perry possibly getting traded/tossed and Kesler being stashed away, it seems like it's time for young guys like Comtois, Steel, Terry etc to step up. They could be a better/faster club next year. They'll most certainly have a new mentality and you can't write teams off based on their previous season anymore.

Guess it really comes down to where you see their respective clubs over the next few years. If you think Anaheim completely bottoms out, then maybe Gibson isn't a great choice. He'll still produce quite a few quality starts, but Philly will be a riser. If you think Anaheim can be at least a middle-of-the-pack team then Gibson should have very nice stats. Dude's been in and out of Vezina conversations pretty well depending on how the Ducks are doing. He's young and his best years are ahead of him.

Now if and when Hart surpasses Gibson (or at least joins him as a top-5 goalie) then he'll be the better own, assuming the Flyers are in a better position