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Thread: K. Kaprizov

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    Default Re: K. Kaprizov

    Cool beans. Thanks man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jouko-Pouko View Post
    I felt like Kaprizov stagnated last season but considering he looks completely rejuvenated this season and Necas is not getting the kind of usage I was expecting, this is more of a coin flip for me at this point.

    In general, I feel that Kaprizov is being overrated and Necas is being underrated by most people, though. If you can get Necas+, I would definitely do that deal. 1-for-1 comes down to personal preference now.
    I dunno.. I mean - his pt totals are better than Panarin's at the same age... when was the last time a 23 year old to lead the KHL in scoring? Legit chance for him to do that this year.

    I don't know if preferring Kaprizov over Necas is really undervaluing him. I fully expect Kapirzov to walk into the NHL next year and outperform Necas by a fair margin.
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