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Sandwich? We don't need to stinkin' sandwiches. You made a point of quoting me follow by your attempt to discredit my reply to a specific question about "Grubauer". Maybe you are trying to provoke me so you can have a reason to hit me with another infraction like you did for ripping my buddy who I am a close personal friend with. I may be wrong but it seems like you have been following me from post to post and intentionally posting comments quoting an challenging me on my feedback to questions asked by forum members.
I hadn't even noticed you were the same poster, sorry
I float around the forums and comment on just about everything, so it's not just your posts. Apologies if I offended you, but I was merely trying to state a counter point and be clear with it the second time around.

I realize it's a specific question about Grubauer, and that was the best way I could answer it. I put it in an analogy first (I was hungry, thus the sandwich), then explained how they related, and further expanded on why I thought the specific question about Grubauer was a no until further info was provided (even going so far as to research posts in other threads from the OP to find how big the league likely was). I quoted your answer as I thought it was flawed due to having the same lack of information mine did. If it's a 30 team league, and goalies cover a lot of categories, sure, I can get on board with your resounding yes that he would be a solid guy to target in the 5th round (not pick outright, because there's always a chance someone better falls in a draft).

As I explained to you in the PM from this morning, I gave you an infraction on a post where you directly insulted another forum member. I have no way of knowing who knows who in real life, I only see the posts, and if I leave it, the posts sets a possible precedent. Many forum members can attest that it's that way for everyone. If you have any other questions about infractions, policies, or anything else, feel free to PM me so we can sort it out without derailing a thread.