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    Default Patrik Laine

    The mythical 4th year is coming up, what are your predictions for this season and beyond?

    Was last year his floor/belated sophomore slump? Is there an explosion coming? Is he just not as good as he was hyped to be?
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    Default Re: Patrik Laine

    I think he definitely does better than this past year, but he's also not going to hit 100 points.

    45 goals and 30 assists would be about my prediction off the top of my head. Especially if the back is healed.
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    Default Re: Patrik Laine

    Not sure if it was only a back problem.. I mean, playing Fortnite 6h a day isn't good for hockey development.. Just saying what I heard this year about is "addiction"

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    Default Re: Patrik Laine

    I've said this in numerous threads already, but I have reservations about Laine's upside. I admit that the back issues might explain a lot, but he just seemed so slow and confused all season. I get the sense that teams have started to overplay him to shoot the puck, knowing he is a below average passer, skater, and stick handler.

    I've always had this sense about Laine when I watched him play, going back to his time with the Finnish national team before he was drafted. You can't argue against his shooting ability, but he needs to do more to reach the next level of productivity. Otherwise he just becomes a "Cy Young" type player, year-in and year-out. Nothing wrong with a 30-40 goal scoring and 20-25 assist player, but I think many were hoping after his second year that he'd reach the next level and become a PPG+ player. Personally I don't think that's going to happen with Laine.
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    Default Re: Patrik Laine

    In the games that I watch him play I keep thinking to myself, "Wow, Laine is always a step behind the play and is constantly making the wrong play." My guess is that Laine's agent wants his client to get paid and that Jets management wants to keep the cost on Laine low. I think that there is going to be a contract stand-off and that GMKC doesn't blink and lets Laine sit out the entire year.

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    Default Re: Patrik Laine

    I think he's too young, too big and awkward to really bust out next season. I believe it'll come, though. I think he's a ppg player eventually, maybe more if he really puts it all together. For what it's worth, I think he'll bet on himself and sign a bridge deal.

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