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Thread: RIP Red Kelly

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    Default RIP Red Kelly

    Red Kelly passes away at the age of 91.

    Red Kelly tops the list for the most Stanley Cup Championships by a player who never played for the Montreal Canadians.

    Never got to see this guy play... but it sounds like he knew how to win!

    Interesting tidbit I just learned... He won the cups with Detroit as a Defenseman and later switched to Centre when he played for the leafs.


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    Default Re: RIP Red Kelly

    Sad to hear about his passing but he lived an amazing life.

    Another fun fact: He was an elected Member of Parliament from 1962-65! That blows my mind. He was playing in the NHL and serving in Parliament at the same time.

    Tying the NHL and Parliamentary roles back together:
    During the Great Canadian Flag Debate, he received opposition from Leafs owner Conn Smythe who opposed Pearson's plans to replace the Red Ensign flag with the Maple Leaf
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    Default Re: RIP Red Kelly

    I always had so much respect for this man , RIP Red !

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    Default Re: RIP Red Kelly

    RIP Red!
    Winged Wheels up!

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