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Thread: My Aho for his eichel 1 for 1 REP GIVEN

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    Default Re: My Aho for his eichel 1 for 1 REP GIVEN

    I also prefer Eichel but it is really close
    12 Team Keeper League, 14 Keepers (max 2 goalies), 10 prospects, Start 2C, 2LW, 2RW, 3 Utility, 4D, 2G

    Stats: G, A, P, +/-, PIMS, SOG, STP; W, SO, SV%, GAA

    C: MacKinnon, Eichel, Scheifele, Krecji, Carter (RW)
    LW Ovechkin (RW), Giroux (C), A. Johnsson (RW)
    RW: Kucherov, Wheeler, Pastrnak (LW), Laine, Perry
    D: Karlsson, Klingberg, S. Jones, Weber, Edler
    G: Vasilevskiy, Hellebuyck, Rittich

    Prospects: Sorokin (G), Jarry (G), Terry (RW)**, Kaprizov (LW), Mittelstadt** (C), Vilardi (C), Makar (D), Q. Hughes (D), Valimaki (D), Brannstrom (D)

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    Default Re: My Aho for his eichel 1 for 1 REP GIVEN

    I still think Eichel for sure. Aho is good, but I think Eichel hits heights in the next few years that Aho just can't.
    12 Team Keeper ('17, '18 & '19 Champ)
    Points Only: G:1 A:1 W:2 SO:1
    Daily Starts: 3/3/3/4/1
    2019 Picks (13 Rounds) - 1(1st overall),1,2,2,2,3,3,3,5,6,6,7,11
    C - Eichel, Seguin, Johnson (C/LW/RW)
    LW - Huberdeau, Marchessault (C/LW), Pacioretty
    RW - Kucherov, Tarasenko, R. Smith (LW/RW)
    D - Karlsson, Krug, Gostisbehere, Pulock
    G - Andersen
    Bench - Pulock, Athanasiou, Smith (G), Rittich (G)

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    Default Re: My Aho for his eichel 1 for 1 REP GIVEN

    Still Eichel for me.

    10 Team, Points Only, Cash League

    25 Man Roster (no position), top 20 point getters count at end of month
    Keep 20/25 at seasons end, Cut 5 to FA for redrafting
    Goalie points W=2pt L=-1pt SHO=2pt

    Stamkos, Tavares, JaBenn, Couture, Wheeler, Lee, Frolik, RThomas, Kucherov, Byfuglien, Burns, Zuccarello, Hoffman, JSchwartz, KPalmieri, KConnor, Necas, Bjorkstrand, Point, Konecny, MBacklund, NSchmaltz

    G- Vasilevskiy, Bobrovsky, Hart

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    Default Re: My Aho for his eichel 1 for 1 REP GIVEN

    Congratulations on the championship ! Still Eichel for me.

    League Champ 2017, 2018, 2019

    ESPN H2H, 8 team, League Champion drafts 1st overall.
    McDavid, Crosby, Kucherov, P.Kane, Barkov, Ovechkin
    Burns, Klingberg, Ghost
    Vasilevskiy, Murray

    6 Forwards, 3 D-men, 1 Goalie ( 4 Bench, 4 I/R, Max 2 goalies, 5 moves per week)

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    Default Re: My Aho for his eichel 1 for 1 REP GIVEN

    Quote Originally Posted by varlytime View Post
    Hey lads. Ended up not doing the trade at the deadline and kept AHO and ended up winning the ship. Back to back and 3rd in 6 years. Itís been a few months since this post, is everyoneís opinion still the same?? Does eichel really have a higher ceiling because of his draft pedigree ?? Look at where Kuch went in the draft .. the offer is still on the table, is consensus still eichel or has Aho changed some of your minds??
    Congrats on the title!

    It has nothing to do with draft pedigree. Eichel is better than Aho in literally every facet of hockey. The only real concern is he seems likely to miss a handful of games every year but Aho is not on his level at all.

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    Default Re: My Aho for his eichel 1 for 1 REP GIVEN

    Completed the deal guys.. Aho for eichel 1 for 1. Really hope I donít regret the deal in the future

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