1 year 10 man h2h League. Team in Sig.

I've exhuasted many different trade scenarios with my Patrick Laine.

As of now i have an offer where i would acquire Giroux (C/LW) for my Laine (RW). Laine has been very streaky this season and i know he scored in the last game and could burst out at any time but i feel like he is just held back by the fact that he doesn't get to play with either Schieffle and Wheeler other than the powerplay and the fact that he doesn't have a centre to set him up like Stasny. Giroux on the other hand has been more consistent but isnt anywhere near the goal scorer that Laine is. Who do you think has the better second half. I know Philly should start to play better and with Laine maybe Winnipeg makes a move to get him another Centre.

What are you thoughts?

In terms of my Lineup i would start: C: Seguin(C), Kopitar(C), LW: Giroux(C/LW), Panarin(LW), RW: Marner(C/RW), Radulov(RW), Util: Huberdeau(LW), BN: Marchessault(C/LW), A.Lee(LW), Edler(D) and Streamer Spot

I know i would loose some RW depth since i would only have 2 RW eligible players, but i feel i can stream in RW's for the days it is necessary. Do you think this is a good move to make or should i just hold Laine and wait it out?

Thanks in Advance!!!