For those of you doing leagues on Yahoo:

In the "Daily Fantasy" there is a FREE contest where there is one big game night each week (tonight!, THURS) to pick players.
It's always fun (for me) when anybody I know can put together a NIGHTLY win... or better yet a FULL SEASON win.
[Single Night Prize is tiny: $100 over 63 places, but I've won $1 or $2 a couple times...]
[Yearly Prize is pretty solid: $10,000, I think - divided out over some number of places.?]
Also - I always lose track of my full season picks during the week, so if anybody else is on board... might help to have reminders!

Pengwin's Week #1 Entry (for THURS):
G: Halak-BOS (@ BUF) $30
G: Mrazek-CAR (v NYI) $27
C: Duchene (v CHI) $18
C: Seguin (v ARI) $28
W: Benn (v ARI) $25
W: Radulov (v ARI) $23

W: Niederreiter (@ COL) $11
D: Wideman (v CHI) $13
D: Klingberg (v ARI) $22

Obv... going all-in on the Dallas line1/PP1 unit tonight.
Hoping Boston & Carolina win their matches.

Total Entry Numbers Last Year:
Week1 ~18k entries
Week23 ~45k entries (of which, 32k aren't making picks / lost interest... incl. me)