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Thread: Home Run Derby problems

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    Interesting that only 2 players have said they will participate in the home run derby. Harper and Muncy. And Muncy wasn't even selected as an All-start (final 5 vote, he might get in).

    Max Muncy says he will particpate -

    Judge and Stanton opt out -

    Betts suggests an skills competition instead -

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    I think a skills competition with a smaller home run derby (as Betts alluded to in the article) would be awesome. The all-star festivities should only include the all-stars themselves in my opinion, and not everyone that makes it is a slugger, so this would get everyone involved including the pitchers.
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    Harper is only doing it because it's in Washington I think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2014olympicgold View Post
    Harper is only doing it because it's in Washington I think.
    Yup, exactly... probably some additional $$ is being sent his way as a PR thing.

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