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Thread: P. Kane, Wheeler, Malkin

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    Cool P. Kane, Wheeler, Malkin

    Categories (G, A, +/-, SOG, PPP, FW, Hits, Blks)
    Can only keep 2 players
    Malkin (C), Wheeler (C,RW), P.Kane (RW)

    Pros and cons
    Malkin = A stud player on a top team. Injury prone, with the exception of last season. Turning 32.
    Below average at face off wins but rocks at points per game.

    Wheeler = A workhorse on a top team. Consistent year to year. Had his best season with 91 points,
    but will most likely decline. Turning 32. Has C/RW eligibility, until yahoo takes that away.

    P.Kane = Bounce back candidate. Put up 70+ points after a God awful Blackhawk season.
    Tournament MVP at the Worlds, accumulating 20 points in 10 games, on a line with fellow
    Blackhawk DeBrincat. Turning 30.

    League has a 3 year commitment

    Any input would be appreciated

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    Default Re: P. Kane, Wheeler, Malkin

    Pretty easy for me - Wheeler and Kane
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    Default Re: P. Kane, Wheeler, Malkin

    I take Kane and Malkin.
    13 team Keeper, top 8F, 4D and 2G count. 1pt G/A, 2pt W/SO.
    Protect b/w 375 - 400 points in a full season
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    Default Re: P. Kane, Wheeler, Malkin

    Kane and Malkin for me. Malkin has the ability to score 100 points if all goes well but I am not so sure Wheeler has that next level in him. I believe Kane has a bounce-back season and Wheeler will slightly regress.

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    Default Re: P. Kane, Wheeler, Malkin

    in a hits league - Wheeler & Malkin - I expect both to be 85-95pts, whereas I'm expecting Kane to float at pt/gm. He lacks any elite point producers surrounding him. Whereas the other two are smothered in them
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    Default Re: P. Kane, Wheeler, Malkin

    How many do you start at each spot?

    Wheeler is a must for me with dual eligibility.

    The other comes down to injury/position issues - Malkin versus team quality issues - Kane.
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