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Thread: Werenski/carlson/oel

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    Default Werenski/carlson/oel

    For next season and beyond points only, will have to keep two. Which two? Please rank!
    Keeper League 12 GM - points only - extra .5 for ppp and extra 1 for shp

    9 forwards 4 d iced

    9 Keepers:

    J. Jokinen


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    Default Re: Werenski/carlson/oel

    Tough to know where Carlson ends up.
    I'll go Carlson and Wereski though.
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    Default Re: Werenski/carlson/oel

    Carlson and Werenski for me also.
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    RW - Tarasenko $123, Keller $5 (C/RW/LW), T.J Oshie $106, Point $5 (C/RW), Kassian $22, (LW/RW), B.Lemieux $5,
    D - Werenski $5, C.Miller $5, Pulock $5, Slavin $5, Pelech $5, Dunn $5, Beaulieu $5, L.Schenn $50, A.DeAngelo $5
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    Default Re: Werenski/carlson/oel

    Carlson is the easy choice for me. As far as Werenski vs OEL, flip a coin. I like both guys but can see flaws in why either guy isn't the right answer.

    10 Team, Points Only, Cash League

    25 Man Roster (no position), top 20 point getters count at end of month
    Keep 20/25 at seasons end, Cut 5 to FA for redrafting
    Goalie points W=2pt L=-1pt SHO=2pt

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    Default Re: Werenski/carlson/oel

    OEL is the odd man out for me
    14 Team Roto; Keep 25; 12 F, 6 D, 2 G; 10 Farm; 5 Bench; 3 IR

    Scoring Cats: G, A, Pts, PIM, Hits, BS, SOG, F Points, D Points; Win+Ties+SO, GAA, SV%

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    G: F Anderson, Hutton

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    Default Re: Werenski/carlson/oel

    Werenski is locked into being on Columbus for years...if their pp was better he'd have an extra 3-6 points this year. Jones is concerning in terms of taking pp time away, but who knows, maybe Columbus will use 2 D on their point and let one of them roam.

    Carlson, who knows where he ends up, Wsh can't really let him walk though, they ain't got nothing on the back end to replace him (Niskanen doesn't count, he sucks, we know he sucks and they know he sucks) if he stays in Wsh, then for the next couple of years, Carlson is the top guy out of the three. Top pp unit, uncontested minutes, plays with great players. the odd man out, while he's in Arizona, possibility he may get traded. If he ends up in Edm or Pitts or who knows, then damn, his value just skyrockets.

    Carlson > Werenski > OEL if all stay with their current teams, if that changes then well obviously so does ranking lol
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    D: Pietrangelo $17, Carlson $16,Werenski $2 (RC), Muzzin $1, Johnson $1, Sergachev $1, Nurse $1

    G: Quick $28 (3rd yr FP), Smith $19, Allen $7

    MLP Bench: Shestyrokin, Steel, Suzuki, Kaprizov, Kyrou

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    Default Re: Werenski/carlson/oel

    OEL has become waiver fodder in a couple of my leagues... I hate having to see that value potential on the wire... but I'm done taking chances on him for now.

    Carlson & Werenski for me

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