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Thread: Hischier, Patrick or McAvoy?

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    Default Hischier, Patrick or McAvoy?

    Hi guys,

    Who is your choice today in a keeper multicats league? My team will be competitive in 2-3 years...


    My vote now is on McAvoy but I like Hischier's upside and I don't want to miss him if he is a real diamond!


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    Default Re: Hischier, Patrick or McAvoy?

    Does hischier hit? Nolan Patrick might be the best value in your format. I'm currently trying to figure out who to take in a points only league, and feel that it would be Patrick in a multi cat.

    Mcavoy looks great too but I simply get more excited for young forwards and therefore end up with middle aged defenders who log minutes and points over home run prospects on D that seem to be a little harder to predict.

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    Default Re: Hischier, Patrick or McAvoy?

    You don't have any concern about Patrick's health?

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    Default Re: Hischier, Patrick or McAvoy?

    Quick take on this:
    Points only: Hischier
    multiCat: Patrick
    Weak on defence: McAvoy

    Bottleneckers (6th place in 2019)
    16 team, points only. G: 2-W, 4-SO.
    Top 9F, 4D & 1G . Keep 15, Max 23
    F: Stamkos, Tavares, Domi, Getzlaf, S. Reinhart, Rackell, Horvat, Yamamoto, Buchnevich, Batherson
    D: Barrie, Rielly, Pulock, Hamilton
    G: Vasilevskiy

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    6 team, H2H: points, PPP, BS, Hits, W, SO, saves, -Losses

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    Default Re: Hischier, Patrick or McAvoy?

    People have dangled injury concerns for Patrick as much as some have said Hischier was a "weak pick". The thruth is, you have a selection of very skilled young players and you just have to select the one that fits your need. We probably won't know if Patrick will indeed become a band-aid boy before he has a few seasons in the NHL and its still probably too early to rule him as an injury prone player

    In your case, multicats league should favor Patrick, and I recommend you go him unless you badly need the help at D.
    10 team, 14 players H2H points only keeper league with cap (65M). 1 mandatory rookie active on the lineup. Projected keepers in bold.
    F: Tavares, Kucherov, Pastrnak, Granlund, Stone, Pettersson
    D: Letang, Barrie, Suter
    G: Hellebuyck
    Bench: Gibson, Werenski, Meier
    12 team, H2H pts only. 25-man rosters, start 3C, 3LW, 3RW, 4D and 2G. Keep 12 + 3 optional rookie spots
    C - Tavares, Kuznetsov
    RW - Kucherov, Meier
    LW - Hoffman, Ehlers
    D - Josi, Dumba, Krug, OEL
    G - Rask, Rinne
    Prospects (need to cut to 3): Demko, Tolvanen, Necas, Kaprizov, C. White, Jokijarhu

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    Default Re: Hischier, Patrick or McAvoy?


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    Default Re: Hischier, Patrick or McAvoy?

    Ok, thank you guys!

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    Default Re: Hischier, Patrick or McAvoy?

    Hischler would be my pick

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    Default Re: Hischier, Patrick or McAvoy?

    Oodles of threads on Patrick vs Hischeier on the boards if you do a search.

    I'd rank them: Hischeier, Patrick and then McAvoy FWIW.

    10 Team, Points Only, Cash League

    25 Man Roster (no position), top 20 point getters count at end of month
    Keep 20/25 at seasons end, Cut 5 to FA for redrafting
    Goalie points W=2pt L=-1pt SHO=2pt

    Stamkos, Tavares, JaBenn, Couture, Wheeler, Lee, Frolik, RThomas, Kucherov, Byfuglien, Burns, Zuccarello, Hoffman, JSchwartz, KPalmieri, KConnor, Necas, Bjorkstrand, Point, Konecny, MBacklund, NSchmaltz

    G- Vasilevskiy, Bobrovsky, Hart

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