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Thread: Is Casey done if Bucks beat Raptors?

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    They hit open shots in last nights game it would be different. Patrick Patterson (and his Mr. Potato head looking face) kill me. Dude is supposed to be 3s and D, and he misses open 3s like it's his day job.

    Seriously, Raps biggest flaw is they don't hit their open, clean, shots. Great teams win because they make you pay for EVERY mistake. Look at the Cavs, when they got an open 3, they hit it.

    Also, I know it's a hard thing to keep saying, but Cavs got away with more fouls than the far. The refs did better than I expected, but a lot were missed still. The worse one was a Love 3pter and Derozan came out and didn't touch him and Love just went down....

    Derozan's game doesn't compliment the Raps in the Playoffs. If he was on the Cavs he'd be insane because his game is getting to the line.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Black Panther View Post
    I still think he's done unless they somehow beat Cleveland.
    I don't think he should be done for not being able to beat the King of Akron. If they get swept by the Cavs you could justify firing him but we all know the Cavs are the better squad with their big 3

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    If anyone thinks that Casey should be fired if they can't beat the Cavs, even if they're swept, I think there needs to be some re-evaluation of what these two teams are

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