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    Default Grigorenko / AA / Caggiula / Dano

    Hello all, happy holidays and enjoy the new year!

    I am in a 22 team deep keeper league that scores points only. 1st year rebuild, where i've acquired many 1st round picks in the future and some blue chips like Dubois/Vrana/Chabot/Roy/Honka etc.

    I have an opportunity to move the following and i am getting lost with some of the upsides here...Your opinion is appreciated.

    I would give:
    Grigorenko (22 years old, upside still there? Not a huge fan of russian flight risks and don't know how real that risk is...also seems to have the highest upside in this group)

    Athanasiou (looks good, but i'm starting to feel Detroit is a team I want to avoid in a rebuild at the moment...I don't need 40 point guys)

    Lazar (loved him in he a 3rd line energy guy in the NHL? Might not be as valuable as i once thought)

    I would receive the following players:

    Marko Dano (similar player to Lazar? Higher points upside?)

    Drake Caggiula (Not sure what his upside is, looks to be a poor man's Gallagher? Questionable of keeper status down the road.)

    A Draft pick which will materialize in to a player like Forsling, Leblanc, Marstunzo etc. or other player making waves in the AHL and may get a chomp next year.

    Thanks for all your help
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    Default Re: Lost in this

    In my opinion, you're giving a couple question marks, for some more questions with slightly lower ceiling.
    Caggiula is worth targeting, but I like Athanasiou most of the players mentioned.
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    Default Re: Lost in this

    As EB said I'm not sure what the gain is here? Take a step back and work out who you actually want - no issue with what you are trying to move as think you have them summed up well but the confusion is what you are acquiring
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    Default Re: Lost in this

    Quote Originally Posted by Eskimo Brother View Post
    you're giving a couple question marks, for some more questions
    As a Dano Owner I totally second this. I would target some of these players as fill-ins to balance trades but otherwise it's just a lateral move.

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