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Thread: Markov for Pouliot

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    Default Markov for Pouliot

    In a 12 team league I have been offered Markov for Pouliot. Stats we use are G,A,+/-,PIM,PPP,SHP,SOG and Hits. We start 4 D. Currently on my roster are Timmonen, Gudas, Trouba, Wisniewski and Zidlicky. In minors I have Ryan Murphy, Pouliot, Koekkoek, Connor Murphy, Despres and Oleksiak. Finished 11 out of 12 last year and am trying to be a bit more competitive while I wait for the youngsters. I imagine Timo will retire. Do I have enough depth to make this trade and is the value there? Thoughts appreciated.

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    Default Re: Markov for Pouliot

    Since Pouliot isn't going to get you very much points any time soon, having a 1st pairing defenceman like Markov is night and day. Course if your team already sucks this bad, might as well continue sucking hard until you get your dirty hands on McDavid next season. That's another option for you.
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    Default Re: Markov for Pouliot

    in the long run, you will be better off keeping Pouliot. Who knows how long Markov has left and injuries are an issue now.
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    Default Re: Markov for Pouliot

    Quote Originally Posted by Magicstew View Post
    in the long run, you will be better off keeping Pouliot. Who knows how long Markov has left and injuries are an issue now.
    Agreed with this - if you finished 11th out of 12, Markov isn't going to make a big difference for you (and that's if he stays healthy). I'd hold onto Pouliot.

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    Default Re: Markov for Pouliot

    I don't feel injuries are much of a concern with Markov anymore. He played 81/82 games this year and 48/48 last year. He's produced well the last 2 seasons especially on the powerplay with 23 and 21 pp-points the last 2 seasons. Looks like pp is an important stat for D in your format. Pouliot is a good young dman with upside, but might be a long time before he is putting up 20+ powerplay points in the NHL. Especially behind Letang and probably even Matta in Pit. Looks like from your depth Markov would be an upgrade over Timmonen and Zidlicky and probably be your #2 powerplay guy behind Wiz and your #2D overall. Plus Markov would still hold decent trade value over the next few seasons. Trouba, Goudas gives you a solid young D pairing and your other 5 D prospects are pretty good also.

    This trade would definitely improve your team over the next few years, but I guess you have to decide if you want to be more competitive or keep finishing bottom of the league for another couple seasons. Might be able to move Markov for a prospect upgrade over Pouliot also depending on what's available in your league.

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: Markov for Pouliot

    Markov has no more wheels. If he stays in the NHL he will produce more than Pouliot for 2 years but I think you can draft or acquire a player of similar production (with less of a name) until Pouliot is ready. I have a feeling you'll regret dealing Pouliot.
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    Default Re: Markov for Pouliot

    Niskanen is a FA. Pouliot was the last cut this past year. Would not be surprised if he's in the big show next season fresh off of 70pts in 58 reg season games... 19 playoff games and 29pts in the WHL.
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    Default Re: Markov for Pouliot

    Quote Originally Posted by One87 View Post
    Niskanen is a FA. Pouliot was the last cut this past year. Would not be surprised if he's in the big show next season fresh off of 70pts in 58 reg season games... 19 playoff games and 29pts in the WHL.
    Being "in the show" and putting up 40+ points with a healthy dose of PPPs are two completely different things. I'm not saying its impossible, but I like Markov over the next 2-3 years here.

    That being said, Pouliot is probably your highest rated D prospect and Koekkoek, next best. Being a Canes fan, I have watched Murphy bounce between the AHL and NHL. I know he has put up big numbers everywhere else, but I'm not convinced he is going to be a big producer in the NHL. The kid oozes skating ability, but he still looks poor in his own end and the Canes are not using him to quarterback the PP (which I am not sure why they didn't give it as a whorl as their PP sucked all season!) Moving Pouliot definitely hurts your D prospect pool.

    Overall, keep in mind that playing fantasy sports is supposed to be fun. I have done long term rebuilding and it wears on you after a while. If you are interested in moving up in the standings, I think this trade helps you do that. Best of luck.
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