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The problem is in a league like ours where we start 6F, having a player that can contribute in hits as well is immense (E. Kane). I understand the view on Perry, as I concur, but I'm wondering if people perhaps over-value him a bit in a league with categories such as ours? Per game, he is near the bottom of my team for shots, and doesn't contribute much in the hit department either. While I don't run it by him to surpass the 82 point mark next year, I wouldn't mind giving up ~10 points for Parenteau if it means acquiring the hits and future potential of Kane.
those are good points...what is Nash's value in your league? It seems to me like he'd be really valuable in that he too puts up a lot of shots, scores over 30 goals, and gets a fair bit of HITs also.

Perry might not carry as much value as in other leagues because of his low shot totals and HITs. To be honest, I didn't know he wasn't much of a hitter considering he puts up a lot of PIMs (I guess the two aren't always connected, as I thought they were). In my four leagues, none of them use HITs.

Kane is definitely the most valuable asset in the discussion here. I just don't know how much more valuable than Nash. To me, the difference between those two seems far less than the distance between Perry and Parenteau.