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HUH, it was Lams that let Nylander get too far to begin with. Should have locked him up cheap and long when Lams had the chance. Dubas never had that chance.

Dubas only bad move so far was signing Matthews to 5 years instead of 8. He is easily worth the extra couple mill it would have taken.
The problem with this kind of commentary, is that it ignores the player's likely complete disinterest in signing these deals. I think it's safe to say less money was offered to Nylander and more term was most definitely offered to Matthews.

Frankly I think people are completely ignoring the recent contracts signed by players comparable to Nylander combined with the complete extinction of the bridge or mid tier contract for RFAs.

I mean those market setting $6mil extentions that Edmonton was widely mocked for yrs ago are now $7-8.5 on average. Btw, I think it's now extremely clear that Edmonton was way ahead of the curve with those deals and they became excellent value. Colorado & Winnipeg followed suit shortly after and I believe that Nylander will return to his previous development curve and show similar value.