I ask that all members respect each other and their right to view and enjoy the forum the way it was meant to be enjoyed. To ask them to disable avatars (via the User CP) is not fair to them. To miss out on some funny avatars that are out there, or to be unable to identify their favorite posters by quickly scrolling through a thread is a disadvantage that I won't accept.

So, I ask that you remove your avatar if you are uncomfortable sitting down at a table with my mother and your mother and opening a magazine full of your avatars, and flipping through it right in front of them. If the prospect of doing that makes you uncomfortable, than remove it. ASAP

Be creative. Anyone can go to a website and grab pics of scantily clad women. What isn't so easy is finding something funny, and/or hockey related, and/or makes a statement about the type of person you are.

If an avatar is just too far over the line, I or the mods will remove it. I have already removed one. Please don't give me a hard time about this. The backlash I got from the one I did remove so far is not something that I wish to go through over and over in my PM.

I understand that this "policy" is a little blurry and leaves a lot in a gray area. That is just me trying to hold onto to keeping this forum as free of rules as possible. Don't abuse this. You have seen message boards out there with strict rules, so you know what this forum can turn into. Don't be "that guy" who has to stick his toe past the line a little bit just to see if mommy or daddy will give him a spanking for it. Just have fun and don't sweat it. In doing so, you will help me not sweat it either.