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Drafting them isn't the issue. Developing them is. That's where they seem to suck.

That being said, I remember going back to draft day and saying the Rangers should be drafting Byfield and not Lafreniere because of their roster makeup. Lafreniere was a round peg in a square hole and the Rangers needed more help down the middle than on the wing. Anyway, hind-sight is always 20-20.
NYC is just a brutal place to commit to a full rebuild as people are of an instant gratification nature as is the owner James Dolan. As good as Artemi is , they went against the commitment to a true rebuild by signing him therefore crippling themselves financially. In the end I have no answers because I am not the players but I do like what I see from Kakko and Kravtsov, hopefully the points come in time. Laf actually wasn't out there for a public skate last night so hopefully he can build on it. I didn't see anything of him really in junior but the goods so far have not screamed sure fire first overall pick to me.