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Thread: Zherdev or Connolly

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    Default Zherdev or Connolly

    I own Zherdev in my keeper league and I am shopping him. Looks like I could pick up Connolly for him. What do folks think of that trade?

    Connolly obviously has had his injury problems, but I am getting worried that Zherdev is a perennial headcase.

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    Default Re:Zherdev or Connolly

    I would take Connolly in a heartbeat. I\'d much rather have him (even though he\'s a Band-aid boy) and get a point per game for as long as he plays in the season. This also depends though on where Zherdev ends up. I know Hitch is not very happy with him.
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    Default Re:Zherdev or Connolly

    Tough call...if the rest of your team is band-aid boy free, then grab Connolly...if you already have a Havlat or someone like that on your squad...then you probably should do without the headache (pun intended)...
    I haven\'t given up on Zherdev just yet, but I\'m getting there...:sick:
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    Default Re:Zherdev or Connolly

    I personally would hang on to Zherdev cause Connolly on Buffalo is like a big-titted blonde in hollywood---dime a dozen and not guaranteed of nothing {not to mention with his injury history he\'s like the blonde with a bad implant..see TARA REID}ZHERDEV COULD BE A LATE BLOOMER........My 2 cents.
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    Default Re:Zherdev or Connolly

    w/ it unlikely that both briere and drury will back next year it would seem that connolly would be in line for major minutes w/ very talented linemates in a wide open system that fits him perfectly assumin of course that he stays healthy--- and no one needs me to say how dissappointin zherdev has been... in a perfect world i suppose u could do better for zherdev based on his potential but his \"value\" is at an all time low now- so it really depends on how badly u want to get rid of him and get decent value in connolly or suck it up, roll the dice and hope he has a big year and future
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    Default Re:Zherdev or Connolly

    Connolly. More PPG by far. If healthy, Connolly could get 85 points; meanwhile, I\'d put Zherdev\'s upside at 60 for next year. So, even if Connolly misses two months and you substitute a 50 point guy in for those games from your bench, you\'ll still get more than you\'d get from a healthy Zherdev over 82 games.

    50 points in 50 games from Connolly plus 18 points in 32 games from a sub = 68 points, which still beats a career year from Zherdev.

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    Default Re:Zherdev or Connolly

    I am hoping that Zherdev gets a change of scenery this summer. I have not given up on him yet. If he doesn\'t get traded then I will consider moving him. I don\'t think that the Columbus style of play is going to be supportive of his overall success. Based on style of team play then your decision should go to Connolly.

    Connolly has had a decent playoff performance. The supportive cast in Buffalo is stronger than Columbus. If you were to base your decision on the supportive cast then your decision should weigh in favor of Connolly.

    Connolly has had significant injury problems. Zherdev has been relatively injury free. Zherdev should get your vote based on injury history.

    Longevity. Could Connolly become injured? Could Zherdev return to Russia as he had threatened to do a year ago? I think that this could go either way or both ways.

    When I weigh it all. It seems pretty apparent to me. I am staying with Zherdev. Did that make any sense at all? I thought so, but I am still doing it.

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    Default Re:Zherdev or Connolly

    Don\'t count out Zherdev especially if he is playing in washington this season after a draft day deal... Hmmmmm...
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    Default Re:Zherdev or Connolly

    Boy would that be interesting... though at this point, would it be a 2nd round pick he gets traded for? A 3rd? Trading a high-ish first for him seems like far too big a risk, even in this draft.

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