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Thread: should I start Theodore tonight?

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    Default should I start Theodore tonight?

    I\'m in a tough situation. I am ahead in 2 out of 4 goalie categories this week in my H2H league. I have both Boston Goalies and Jose Theodore. None of which have won a game this week. My opponent has all of Tampa\'s goalies and Brian Boucher. I am currently up 7-3 overall for the week. But I\'m unsure about this goalie situation. Here\'s the goalie stats:

    Opponent: 1 2.95 .897 0
    Myself: 0 2.66 .901 0

    I am wondering if I should start Theodore tonight and try to tie him in wins. But I run the risk of losing both GAA and SV% categories, as well as the Wins category if Washington loses... whatever shall I do...? any thoughts anyone?
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    Default should I start Theodore tonight?

    Thats a tough one because you could potentially lose 4 points and would only potentially gain 1. My feeling is that WAS could very likely get the win, and have been pretty hot lately. That said, Florida has been scoring a bit too. My gut would say be happy with what you have and play it safe, but if you are a betting man, then go ahead and start him as I think the odds are in your advantage. good luck

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