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    Default Tim Thomas...

    First of, let me state emphatically that I am a big fan of TT as a goalie. That being said..

    The guy is like a freaking fish out of water! He flops around more than a soccer player trying to draw a red card! He makes Dominic Hasek look like a stand-up style goalie!
    Yet somehow, he manages to get himself in the way of the puck so that it ends up anywhere but in the net; at least most of the time. And when he does let one in, then the fun really starts. This guy is so animated that he might be a cartoon!

    I just hope that one day I can get to see this guy play live.

    Just my $.02
    on fantasy hockey hiatus!!!

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    Default Tim Thomas...

    I also love Tim Thomas... and I am repeatedly amazed at how \"under control\" he remains while performing his goal saving acrobatics. In my opinion, he is truly one of the under-appreciated superstars of this league. He deserves to be talked about in the same breath as other elite goalies like nabakov, kiprusoff, backstom, and ryan miller... but somehow he always gets overlooked. Perhaps it\'s because he was a late bloomer, or maybe its because he doesn\'t start 65+ games per year. But whatever the reason is... he deserves more appreciation.

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