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    Default Danila Yurov

    Yurov is quietly having a strong start in the KHL this season. Only 20. Anyone has insights on the player? I feel like he's a bit under the radar for fantasy hockey GMs. Or maybe I'm overly excited...
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    Default Re: Danila Yurov

    It's hard to say.
    I check AHL & KHL stats every week or two.

    Just looking at scoring leaders, I actually believe the AHL is a stronger league than the KHL these days.
    I mean... Ryan Spooner and Jordan Weal are #3 and #4 scorers right now in the KHL.
    I don't think they'd be that high in the AHL.

    One of my favourite "sorts" is using QuantHockey and sorting the KHL by age... then just going page-by-page to find the young Russians whose stats *pop* out.
    Age 18 But is having nice year (and some guy named Ilyin too... gotta look into him)
    Age 19 Michkov is obviously the big one.
    Age 20 Yurov - yes, nice stats as well.
    Age 21 Atanasov.
    Age 21 Aimurzin
    Age 22 Pinchuk
    Age 22 Nikishin (who has been all the D-rage last year)

    It's tough... because - not watching the full games, hard to know a player's usage (by coach), minutes, linemates.
    All this stuff factors in.
    And... then you need to know how he's scoring and whether those tools will translate to the NHL.
    I own Yurov in a fantasy league (WHL) and I root for him and have some faith because the Wild seem to have scouts deeply into KHL (Kaprizov, Khusnutdinov) and Sweden (Wallstedt, Ohgren).

    It IS also helpful that hopefully Kaprizov is still with the Wild to help his transition to NHL hockey - if/when he comes.
    I'm a big fan of knowing a lockerroom has fellow countrymen to guide them and talk to them. (a translator isn't helpful when quick on-ice talk is needed).

    So... I kind of feel like Yurov is coming along very nicely.
    I haven't watched highlights though - and if you get some, I'd love to see.

    Sorry - that's not entirely helpful, really. A big rambling.
    Statistically - it looks like he's projecting nicely.
    I'd have to guess that NHLe type numbers suggest he's on pace for 2nd-line is future NHL production.

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    Default Re: Danila Yurov

    I think that one of the big differences between the AHL & KHL is their purpose.

    The KHL is the top hockey league in it's nation/region. As such, it prioritizes winning, and success at that level. Games are more defensive oriented, and older player oriented. Fans of KHL teams are fans of that team, and generally their farm systems.

    The AHL is a feeder league for the top hockey league on it's continent, and the world. Games are younger player oriented. Fans of AHL teams are often fans of the parent team, but also fans of their local team. Outside of Hershey, I struggle to think of a team that has more of a local following than a following for the parent club. Partly due to the Bears having switched affiliations some, and partly being the 7th oldest hockey club in North America.

    Getting to Yurov, I know who he is, and in my deepest dynasty, which is a 20 team cap league, he was dealt by a team along with a future 2nd round pick for Bratt. There were cap implications as to why Bratt was dealt, but that's close to a straight up deal, the pick will be 21-30 most likely.

    He was 1st rounder in 2022, so he's maybe a little under the radar for shallower leagues.
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    Default Re: Danila Yurov

    With KHL stats it is way more contextual than any other professional league. Itís the hardest one to understand, it takes a lot of effort.

    He is having an outstanding year given his age, the team he plays on, and the role he plays. If you want more details feel free to PM me.

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    Default Re: Danila Yurov

    I have Yurov in my league and have been following his season closely. Obviously I have not watched any of his games but I have seen lots of video highlights and read lots of reviews/comments from regular KHL viewers. By all accounts, Yurov is having a phenomenal season in the KHL, especially considering his age. There are mixed rumors out there that he may re-sign in the KHL for one year, but despite that rumor being out there for a bit now, he hasn't actually signed yet. So, from a fantasy hockey perspective, I think there's a good chance he is in NA next year. He has been playing center in the KHL, and we all know Minnesota could use a 2C. I don't think he will play with KK, despite the obvious appeal based on nationality. JEE is an under-rated player and will likely continue playing with KK for the foreseeable future.
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    Default Re: Danila Yurov

    There are 4 players in KHL that i think could be very good players in NHL and some even stars. Problem is their arrival time. With NHL excluding Russian in 4 nation cup this time may extend again.. but who knows. But Nikishin, Michkov, Kovelenko and Yurov have been outstanding in their respective roles.
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