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Thread: Some keeper decisions

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    Default Some keeper decisions

    ESPN league in sig. I need to cut back my list to 10.

    My 10 as of today:
    Eichel, Robertson, Dahlin, Boldy, Bratt, Laine, Huberdeau, Eriksson Ek, Jarry, Samsonov

    Outside looking in: Verhaeghe, Buchnevich, Montour, Theodore, Dobson

    Goalies in this 12-team tend to be slim pickings as we start 2 and allow up to 4 healthy rostered. I am on the fence about Samsonov. I like his situation in Toronto to rack up wins and quality stats, but he is a consistent injury risk.

    Buchnevich is also an injury prone player that I don't believe I want to keep, despite 70+ point upside.

    Eriksson Ek is intriguing because of his cross-cat production in my format, but I understand he probably tops out at 60 pts.

    Has Huberdeau's stock dropped enough that I can drop him and keep someone else, and then scoop him during the draft? I believe he will rebound, but perhaps I can keep another player and scoop him in the 2nd or 3rd round of my draft.

    So I guess my 3 guys on the bubble: Samsonov, Huberdeau, and Eriksson Ek. But I will gladly listen to commentary/suggestions you may have about other guys on my keeper list.
    ESPN H2H 12-Team Keep 10 (max 2 goalies) - 24 Player roster - Start 9 F, 6 D, 2 G,7 BN, 1 IR

    F: Robertson, Eichel, Trocheck, Eriksson Ek, Bratt, Malkin, Boldy, Vilardi, Hertl, Danault, Granlund, Zacha, Bennett, Laine
    D: Dahlin, Sergachev, Montour, Byram, Gudas, Slavin
    G: Jarry, Bobrovsky, Ned, Daccord
    IR: Rust

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    Default Re: Some keeper decisions

    Eriksson Ek makes sense as a keeper with his multi-cat production and the FOW category. Honestly, I might not have any wingers in a setup like this with just forwards and a FOW category.

    I'm not sure you can drop Huberdeau given his upside, but again the winger thing hurts him.

    Laine has upside, but he's horribly injury prone and inconsistent. He'd be my drop.

    With your categories and how many defensemen you start I cannot fathom keeping only one defenseman. So Montour, despite the injury, HAS to be a keeper here.
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    Default Re: Some keeper decisions

    Eriksson Ek over Samsonov

    Theodore over Boldy

    Verhaeghe over Laine

    8 of 12 cats are F.D, just draft the secondary goaile options, Ilya very likely redraft option.

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