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Thread: Does anybody know anything deep on Leon Gawanke?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DangerCat View Post
    It’s a pretty brutal blue line. I mean we don’t know what Thrun or Gawanke could be yet so I’m sure SJ brass hope they’ve uncovered some diamonds but when either 2 unprovens or Ferraro or Rutta (? - on PP ewww yikes!) are your PP1 QB things are in a pretty bad state…should change their name to the Starfish as there’s nothing agressive about that powerplay!
    Ironically, the team that gets crapped on the most has

    Moser, Durzi, Valimaki & Soderstrom, and now Dumba as options
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    Placed on unconditional waivers, intends to return to Germany. Womp womp.

    Remarkable that they gave him zero games considering they had nothing to lose (except the player apparently).
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    Default Re: Does anybody know anything deep on Leon Gawanke?

    I was upset he didn't pan out.
    His offensive game was, pretty clearly - by the stats, there.
    But he put up a big negative +/- with another AHL team.

    As regular hockey fans, it's pretty near impossible to closely be a major NHL fan and also watch actual game footage of other leagues like AHL, KHL, CHL, NCAA.
    There's just not enough time.

    So - a guy like Gawanke - I just never got to actually watch his "defense".
    But I'd have to assume it is close to garbage.

    (And the bigger context here is this... people do this all the time on fantasy hockey chatboards - they make assumptions about whether a guy will pan out - and we all "see" the offensive upside to players through highlights... but some guys... if their two-way game - i.e. the DEFENSE - is absolute shit... they are toast and won't make the NHL. Especially for centers and defensemen... if you can't play both sides... the NHL isn't going to have you... they won't even invite you. It makes speculating on "wingers" a bit easier - because their offensive upside is 90% of their NHL-worth. Centers, their offensive upside is maybe 60% of their NHL-worth... and for defensemen... we'll, even if you are an "offensive defenseman"... I think your offensive upside is only 33% max of your overall NHL-worth.)

    Long story short here... sorry... but there wasn't much intel on his defense.
    And apparently the SJ-AHL thought the same as the WPG-AHL... that this guy doesn't have NHL-defensive game.

    P7 fail.
    Try again later.

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