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Thread: 9th + 17th overall for Michkov at 7th

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    Default 9th + 17th overall for Michkov at 7th

    What would Stevie do?

    If Michkov falls to Philly at seven, and through reason of some speculators also would pass on Michkov, would Philly take Detroit's offer of picks 9th and 17th, maybe with a second round pick going the other way, hand Michkov to Detroit, and piss off Washington in the same move?

    Lots of speculation and trade imaginations nearing the draft, but this one doesn't seem totally implausible, if Michkov drops a few spots. I think Detroit would be willing to gamble on Michkov over two safer but lower grade options.

    Still a few weeks off, but this draft day seems more interesting than in many years.
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    Default Re: 9th + 17th overall for Michkov at 7th

    I can't see michkov Falling any lower than Arizona at 6. They have plenty of time to wait for his khl contact to be up and by then they'll be in a new "exciting" market to convince him to come over. The main reason against drafting him is the length of the contract, and the coyotes have made it clear they're not competing for a few years.
    Thr habs are most interesting at 5, since their director of player personnel is Russian so they'll probably havr more info on michkov than the other teams at the top of the draft. Can't see SJ taking him as ownership has made it clear they will not rebuild so they won't want to wait that long, plus the Boston connection between grier and will Smith. Columbus tsking a center. Sovi think he's going 5 or 6 for sure.
    And if he did fall that low, philly would be nuts to not take him. Even with another first round pick thrown their way.


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    Default Re: 9th + 17th overall for Michkov at 7th

    I also doubt Michkov would fall that far, but people more knowledgeable than me seems to believe it's a real possibility. As for Arizona - so much uncertainty around them, so I'm not sure they would want to add to it. I have no idea where Michkov goes. From what I've read he's the second best prospect in the draft, but he'll likely to go in the 4-8 range.

    The thing I wonder is - if he would fall to Washington at 8, wouldn't it be more likely that Detroit tried trading for him, with Flyers, if Flyers for some reason wouldn't opt to take Michkov?

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    Default Re: 9th + 17th overall for Michkov at 7th

    I would love Detroit to do this! Plus, you know Yzerman has the security to take the risk. And when Michkov comes, the rest of the team should be ready to contend.
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