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Thread: Wright to Detroit (pure speculatuon)

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    Default Wright to Detroit (pure speculatuon)

    So I was a bug proponent of the red wings winning the draft lottery. Is it because I'm a red wings fan? No. Is it because I've got a bunch of red wings on my fantasy team and I want them riding the best coat tails? Still no.

    No my reasoning is that I'm just fascinated by what Yzerman is building over there. Hes doing it the "right way" from the net out. Seider and edvinsson are two big bodied dmen who play suffocating defense and have a decided knack for scoring. When you add guys like Wallander down the depth chart it gets even more out of hand. In net they seem committed to Husso has been a bit of a revelation and long term they have pushed their chips in with Cossa (so far). Up front its more of a mixed bag but the big takeaway for me is that they seem to be missing that key top line center. That pushes Larkin down to 2c where he should thrive. Theyve got a future playmakkng wingman extraordinaire in Raymond (although the immediate stats are concerning)- they just seem to have the table set for a steak dinner... only without the steak. I had hoped it would be Bedard cause it just makes too much sense but alas that is just a pipe dream now.

    Enter Shane Wright.

    I think he could be THAT player. In fact I think the game he plays- defensively responsible, calculated high value decision making, and lack of flash would fit in an Yzerman built team extraordinarily well. What he lacks in flash he more than makes up for in actual production and considering where stevies career went I feel like that could be a matchmade in heaven. Hes got toplime offensive chops without sacrificing a whole lot out of his complete game.

    So why would Seattle trade him?

    Well first off they have needs. Their goaltending is shaky and when your best option is a 33 yo Jones things are looking grim lol! They've also got a hole where they really should have a defensive ppqb. Lastly they have scoring depth (surely) but at 32 Eberle may not be the best running mate long term for their golden calf- Beniers.

    And let's talk about Beniers. I know we poolies are all ecstatic about his offensive contributions but let's not forget he was also lauded for his complete game in the ncaa and nhl readiness. He sort of makes wrights package look a little bit redundant. I think you could forgive the team if they had Beniers penciled in as their star C for the future and im not sure wright ever truly "pops" if he's given secondary deployment, pp time and linemates. You'd think those are going to Beniers and with good reason. Realistically you'll probably be able to pay a guy less than you'll have to pay wright to hold down those responsibilities!

    I'm well aware two legit scoring centers are a boon for any team- im just saying if you follow the money there is some cause for optimism here. If they cam send a package that includes any of those assets they need more than a miscast 2nd line cC who looks like his development curve will be a little slower than expected I could see it happening.

    I think the two d men are untouchable, I think raymond and cossa are untouchable (for now) and I do feel like Larkin is staying put too. I want to say they're keeping Berggren but if the return is wroght maybe hes available. No way they move their 9th but the 17th could be swapped. I doubt they move Kasper just on his being a reach that they targeted but again it could happen especially if Seattle felt that would score up their 2c hole long term.

    That leaves a lot of interesting assets that could be had! Husso would look good depending on what the goalie market looks like which essentially dictates their value. Kubalik is a low maintenance scorer who would mesh well with Seattle's three (or four!) line attack. Perrons a bit older but could serve the same role- both have 2 uears left as UFAs. Zadina is pure upside at this point id guess. Soderblom is a risky move but would have some value. I sort of think Wallander is a no go but again this is for wright.

    I am not the best at putting together trade packages so id love to hear from anyone who is better at this stuff than I am! But here's my bush league pitch...

    Wallander, Kubalik, Husso and the 17th
    For Wright and a secondary piece donskoi going back for salary purposes.

    I'm cringing here- is that way off??!! Capfriendly trade machine sais it puts Seattle over the cap but by next season they'll be in a different situation. The cap discrepancy is like 2 million on the short term. Thoughts???

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    Default Re: Wright to Detroit (pure speculatuon)

    Seattle is not giving up Wright. He is exactly what they need - star power up front. He’s 19, not 23 and not developing. And Seattle is not Chicago who so grossly mortgaged everything to tank for Bedard (mainly looking at Dach here). Seattle obviously has a window and Wright should slot in nicely once he’s been given a little more time. This trade makes little sense.
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    Default Re: Wright to Detroit (pure speculatuon)

    Seattle GM: NO
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    Default Re: Wright to Detroit (pure speculatuon)

    From the Red Wings perspective, I'm loving it. Problem is, I would be absolutely amazed if they have a trade partner in the Kraken here. I think it would take a whole lot more coming back than the trade pieces you have mentioned for Seattle to part company with Wright. A whole lot more.
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    Default Re: Wright to Detroit (pure speculatuon)

    This is a nice dream.

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    Default Re: Wright to Detroit (pure speculatuon)

    Ain’t reading all that. Happy for you tho. Or sorry that happened.

    Scroll to the end for the trade offer tho. Woof. I mean right off the bat Donskoi is unlikely to ever play again due to concussion issues AND he’s a UFA this offseason. Then you’ve got a 45 point 28 yo winger when Seattle’s strength is the wings, a bottom of rotation prospect D and another below average expensive goalie. The only reason Francis doesn’t immediately hang up the phone is because he’d be laughing too hard.

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    Default Re: Wright to Detroit (pure speculatuon)

    Don't think Seattle will trade Wright. They had a good season, but I don't think it's representative of their lineup tbh.
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