I run a money league called No Quarter
The major points are that it is a H2H, non keeper league.
There are 16 weeks of regular season, where you play multiple all teams in your division at the same time with each game counting as a win or a lose, and it is daily lineups.
Free Agency is open at all times until the playoffs, where teams out of it are done for the season.
4 weeks of first round playoffs where the top teams play each other for 4 weeks and then the top two scoring teams go on to a 3 week, head-to-head playoffs for the prize money.
Prize money is paid out to the top 3 teams. that is 7 weeks of playoffs!

You start 15 hitters each week, from a max of 20 hitters in total and get 7 starts from 10 pitchers total on your roster.

Scoring is a bit crazy too and elevated with pitchers scoring on average over 100 points in a game. You play every team in your division each week with a win or lose against each team.
It is $120 to join. This is done through Venmo.

If this sounds crazy and fun, please let me know and come join us.