My Name is stephane and 1 of my gm just decide to hang up is GM duties so i am looking for 1 gm
we are online since 1999 and we have a 14 teams league

it is free of charge 0$

we just made the draw for the upcoming Entry draft (Hamilton has the 3rd pick overall in the next entry draft in june)

we are like the NHL

we have entry draft

we have free agency system

we have trade

we play 1 game vs other team every night

we play 2 season in 1 NHL season

we have 3 round of playoff for every season ( 2 each year)
roster of 32 player roster and unlimited farm system

and of course have a salary cap

visit us at

online since 1999

ps we use facebook chat for communication

season starts next october with the NHL calendar

you must be 18 and over

email me at [email protected]