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Thread: Reimer stirs the Pride pot

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    Quote Originally Posted by PenguinHunter View Post
    Oh... now I understand where the confusion is... you misinterpret everyone that is religious as a Catholic.


    In regards to putting your hand in the authority of the pope... does that mean that you guys also agree with the pope when he says this in regards to homosexuality...
    Like I said, the main issue is the hypocrisy, not the misinterpretation. However it is, obviously, a misinterpretation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrairieDog View Post
    Where exactly are they...? I haven't heard any homophobes yelling about it. Lots of straight people yelling about a jersey though.
    I confused you, its ok my fault for being so strange.

    My point simply was that if people are purposefully acting in a way to make someone else uncomfortable with who they are, they should stop. To me this is more important than a token gesture of wearing a pride jersey or what else ever the cause.
    The NHL is trying to show everyone that its a safe place for all players and coaches and support staff etc. I believe that it is more important to do things like address negative behaviors of members of the NHL as a whole, rather than making a big deal out of what someone wants or doesnt want to wear.

    And as we know, these REAL issues are hidden from the public until 10 years later when someone feels safe enough to say something.

    Great post Emu!

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