EDIT...no need to read...had to have my trade in by 7:45 cst

Hi guys. My last move of the year. None of these players have done much lately. I'm hoping to hang on to 3rd. Having a hard time deciding so value your opinion on this. Of these 4 who'd you drop? One year pool. G-1, A-1.

Marchand has 10 pts in last 16 gp, 4 in last 8gp. 16 games left, 8h 8a. 4 b2b
Bratt 8pts/last 16gp...4/last 8. 15 games left, 7h 8a, 3 b2b,
Meier 7pts/last 16 gp. 2/in last 8 gp. """"""""""""""""""""" 2pt/6gp with NJ so certainly not lighting it up.
Lindholm 9pt last 16 gp, 4 pts in last 8gp. 14 games left, 8h 6a, 2 b2b

...........and who would you pick up?
RNH....20pt/last 16gp, 10pt/last 8gp. 14 games left, 7h 7a, 2 b2b
Point...21pt/last 16gp, 10pt/last 8 gp. 14 games left, 6h 8a, 2 b2b

According to the Frpzen Tools Schedule Planner, from now to the end of the regular season Oilers have the easiest schedule of the 5 teams followed by Flames, Bruins, Devils and Bolts hardest.
Thanks for giving your opinion. Appreciate you taking the time. Will REP who I can.

Oh, in case you are wondering how RNH and Point are still available the POOL RULES below should clarify