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Thread: Betting on Vanecek in a keeper

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    Default Betting on Vanecek in a keeper

    I know he's had his ups and downs and I haven't followed super closely this year, but I am in a position to gamble on Vanecek for this year and the next two (until his contract is up).
    Could he be one of the better goalies in the league over that period?
    I am a firm believer in NJ and it seems like the door is kind of open for this guy to be their solidified starter going forward.
    THanks for your opinions.
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    Default Re: Betting on Vanecek in a keeper

    You Never know with Goalies but I believe he is worth a gamble
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    Default Re: Betting on Vanecek in a keeper

    Quote Originally Posted by Swarley View Post
    You Never know with Goalies but I believe he is worth a gamble
    100% agree. Goalies can flip so quickly but he is proving he's worth a shot!
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    Default Re: Betting on Vanecek in a keeper

    He's better than Blackwood, and right now is the guy there. Worth a gamble.
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    Default Re: Betting on Vanecek in a keeper

    I have no insider knowledge but I was like the one guy on the board going "i think they give blackwood one more real push" and they kind of it did- he had a great start then shit the bed with 4 goals in a winnable game and they're back to vanecek (whose been great). I think blackwood is either done now or hes got one more run at the starter spot and then hes done. Either way I think vaneceks a fine gamble. Its easy to be worried cause he has never been a pure starter but I think he's proved he can do it now so either nj re-signs him or he goes somewhere where he'll be a 1a. Either way I think you're good to go go with him. What a great add this year btw....
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    Default Re: Betting on Vanecek in a keeper

    Good goalie in a great situation. I don't know what are your other options, but I like the gamble.
    Goalies are voodoo and dependant on their team... but you at least have the latter part covered imo. New Jersey is the real deal.
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